Early stage investments in web 3.0, DeFi, crypto, medtech & fintech startups

What we offer
Exceptional domain and tech expertise Our team has been launching DeFi projects for over 5 years and investing in crypto assets for over 10 years.
Less red tape There is no need to send us dozens of documents, reports, or presentations. We would prefer a more constructive discussion.
Quick onboarding With our understanding of market cycles, we can invest immediately to meet project release dates. Thus, we expect the founders to respond quickly in the same manner.
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Who are we interested in?
Startup teams and founders with ambition, resilience, and a clear vision for their projects.
We are looking for innovative projects that will enable us to add value to the Web 3.0 ecosystem.
We highly appreciate the team's operational excellence and ability to meet deadlines.
Our goal is not only to add value and enhance business outcomes but also to build powerful communities and users who will drive market share.
Why choose us

A VC fund is just one part of what we do. Over the years, we have developed and promoted crypto startups.

Our expertise extends across dozens of networks and technologies. As crypto experts, we are familiar with all the nuances.

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